Family Engagement is the mutual responsibility of families, schools, and communities; which builds relationships to support student learning and achievement to support family well-being, family-student relationships and ongoing learning and development of children, families, and educators.

-Texas Education Agency

Family Engagement Plan:

To help achieve and maintain high levels of family engagement, involvement, and positive family attitudes toward education.

-Texas Education Agency

Definition of Family:

Family includes adults and children significant in the child’s life who support the early learning and development of the child.

-Texas Education Agency


The following are the Family Engagement Plan Goals to assist with achieving and maintaining high levels of family engagement, involvement, and creating positive family attitudes toward education in the United Independent School District Elementary Schools:

I. Facilitate Family-to-Family Support II. Increase Family Participation in Decision Making III. Establish a Network of Community Resources IV. Specific Professional Development Opportunities for Educators V. Evaluate Family Engagement Efforts For Continuous Improvement