David H. Gonzalez

Associate Superintendent Curriculum & Instruction
(956) 473-2000

Welcome to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.  Our Department is comprised of several areas that together strive to meet the diverse needs of every student in the District.  These departments include: Elementary, Middle, and High School, Instructional Accountability, Special Education and School Improvement.  Curriculum and Instruction’s mission is to “build our future” through a technology-driven quality education.

In an effort to accomplish our mission, we embrace change as it represents the world our students will enter as they continue their journey in life. The District has placed great emphasis on college and career readiness with the incorporation of real-life situations that allow the development of critical thinking, problem solving and builds communication skills. Along with cognitive development, we aim for our students to become well-rounded individuals by providing them with many opportunities to excel in academics, the arts, and athletics.

This message remains true in every classroom where students are held to the highest academic standards and challenged with a curriculum filled with rigor and relevance. Our educators remain committed to student achievement and continually motivate and guide students toward success.

United Independent School District’s tradition of excellence is a result of the support and successful collaboration between parents, teachers, administrators and the school board. These partnerships have led to the opening of new facilities and campuses, the enhancement of technology-rich instructional environments and resources and academic programs that focus on global-learning.

The Curriculum and Instruction Department at United ISD is dedicated to our vision of academic excellence. There are no limits to student success as we continue to “build our future”.


David H. Gonzalez

Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum & Instruction Department Leadership 2016-2017

Seated, left to right: Cynthia L. Rodriguez, Melissa Y. Cruz, Dolores W. Barrera, David H. Gonzalez, Emma S. Leza, Cynthia M. Ramirez, David R. Canales; Standing, left to right: Javier R. Vera, Angelica Sanchez, Judith M. Garcia, Christina U. Flores, Elouisa Diaz, Mario Rosales, Dr. Carmen A. Pompa, Guadalupe M. Perez, Christina S. Casanova, Celia R. Taboada, Jaime Garza